Kalahrdaya (The heart of Art) – The Universal Home of Art and Culture
P.O. Nepalganj, 24 Parganas (S),
Kolkata 700 103
W. Bengal
Jesuit Staff
Fr. Saju George Moolanthuruthi S.J. –  Director
Fr. Kuruvilla Thottam S.J. – Minister 
Kalahrdya was established in Shanti Nir in 2006 and in 2011 it was shifted to Bakeswar, the present location. The arts – literary arts, performing arts, martial arts, spiritual arts and plastic arts,  – such as music, dance, drama, painting, sculpture, yoga, zen, vipasana are an inseparable part of human life. The Indian arts uphold the rich and varied cultural heritage of India. They help holistic development of every society in different ways. They give joy to the sad/depressed, hope to the sorrowful and disheartened, provide aesthetic delight to the wearied of stress and strain, strength to the weak, activate the inactive, stimulate the disabled, instil a sense of purpose to the purposeless, generate creativity in the dull headed, spiritual fulfilment to the seekers of the divine – thus the benefits of the arts are innumerable. In Kalahrdaya we attempt to enrich the cultural heritage of the country, and we compose, choreograph, teach, perform, preserve, and promote/propagate all the above mentioned arts and much more. 
Teaching English to the local youth and children is a felt need, and so we do that too.  Kalahrdaya believes that art is not just for art’s sake, but it is also for social development and social transformation at various levels.
The aims of Kalahrdaya are many. First and foremost it aims at sharing the beauty and value of music, dance, drama, painting, sculpture, poetry, literature and other such creative art forms with everyone who likes to pursue and enjoy them. The second aim is to form/mould the human person into ‘men and women for others’.  Kalahrdaya is a centre for teaching/training in a very systematic way and it provides a platform for presentation/performance. It also aims to take troupes to different corners of India and abroad to present the arts.
The programmes:
We conduct regular dance, music and English lessons. Occasionally residential workshops in dance, music and painting are also conducted. We give solo and group performances in India and abroad. Scholars doing research (Ph.D.) also come to Kalahrdaya from time to time to work with the director, Fr. Saju. There is a permanent exhibition of arts being held at Kalahrdaya. The Art Gallery is named after the late Fr. Josef Cukale S.J., a well known painter.  
In last February we conducted the Tagore Festival with a Tagore dance competition and music and dance performances by guest artistes. There were about 200 competitors, and about 1000 people enjoyed the programmes.   
A good amount of time and energy is spent on the developmental works of the place.  
Future Plans
We plan to start certificate and diploma courses in the fine arts in association with Chitrabani and St. Xavier’s College and eventually to start graduate, post graduate and doctoral  programmes in dance and music. Within the next five years, the plan is, to develop Kalahrdaya into a College of Fine Arts.
Kia Jharna  (Santhal Cultural Centre)
Gurap 712 303,  Dist. Hoogly, W. Bengal
Director: Fr. Salvator Murmu S.J.
Email:       (M) 9874411943
To promote the rich heritage of the Santhal tribals, Kia Jharna was inaugurated and blessed on 21 November 2012.