Jesuit Education
The Jesuits have earned an international reputation for distinct excellence in education for more than 450 years. Jesuit education is grounded in Ignatius’ understanding of human life and destiny that emerged from his experience of God. Ignatius believed all things in creation were charged with the grandeur of God, therefore, the search for God must begin in the world.  
Our Vision
To respond in the light of the Gospel values and Ignatian Magis to transform the constituent members of the learning community: teachers, students, parents and all helping hands, into persons of competence conscience, compassion, character and faith, deeply convinced of each other’s role and personal involvement in building a better society. 
Our Mission  
1. To provide and integral formation.
2. To create agents of social change.
3. To enable them to become men and women of action and reflection, firmly rooted in and inspired by the values of human dignity, equality, social justice and secularism.
4. To create in the students a sense of compassion for the weak and the powerless in society, love for all living creatures, concern for the environment.
5. To encourage the students to do their best in the curricular and non-curricular programmes leading towards personal growth and transformation.
6. To foster in them skills to live and work in harmony with those who differ from them in religion, caste, language, ethnicity etc. And in case of conflicts, to resolve or manage them constructively.
7. To form them into spiritual leaders with a social conscience and with a sense of global solidarity.
(from Calcutta Jesuits – Envisioned Future – Vision, Mission, and Action Plans – 2007)
What We Have Achieved
Ignatius’ strong desire was to meet God in the world by providing the greatest service to those in greatest need. Jesuits never separated their educational enterprise from that desire. Jesuit education demands excellence in investigating and appropriating new ideas, excelling in written and oral skills, but academic excellence is not the ultimate end. Excellence in Jesuit education is measured against the virtuous habits one attains and the service one can offer to another for the greater glory of God.
Primary Schools
Calcutta Province has a number of primary schools  and boarding houses in rural areas specially for the poor. Special emphasis is given to education of girls. These schools provide quality education to students from poor families, especially in tribal areas.  In our effort to educate the whole person, these schools foster academic, physical, social, spiritual and moral development.
High Schools / Higher Secondary Schools
The province founded high schools in Burdwan, Durgapur, Haldia, Calcutta (St. Xavier’s and St. Lawrence’s)   and Raghabpur. These institutions strive to educate students in the Jesuit ideals of competence, commitment and compassion.

Burdwan :  St. Xavier’s School (1964)
                           Burdwan 713 103              Ph. Res. (0342) 2646020   School: (0342) 2644882

                                              ISC  (0342) 2646846  Email:

                                                                                           Websites : Burdwan :
Fr. Paul Arokiam  (Superior, Principal)
Fr. Jimmy Keepurak (Vice-Principal)
Sch. Anthony Robert (Regency)

Teachers :  SJ 3; SCJM Sisters 3;  Lay men 16; Women  34.

Students : Primary :    Boys 340 , Girls 319
Secondary: Boys 332,  Girls 293
ISC          : Boys 112,  Girls 102

Durgapur: St. Xavier’s School, Bidhan Nagar, ABL Township, Durgapur 713 206

Ph. Res. (0343) 2502256  ;  Schhol: (0343) 2502181
Mob.  9233516998
Primary: (0343) 2504152    Mob. 9233516997

                                              Website :
Fr. Jacob Kakkakoodunkel  (Superior)
Fr. William Zenith (headmaster)
Fr. Joseph Mani (Minister)
Fr. T.V. George (Prefect – Primary)

Teachers:  SJ 3; Lay men 10; Women 51
Students:  Primary 1033; Secondary 1191

Kolkata : St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, 30 Mother Teresa Sarani, Kolkata 700 016
St. Xavier’s Primary School. 12 Wood Street, Kolkata 700 016

Ph. (033) 22551171   Primary: (033) 22906951

                                                          Website :
    Fr. Benny Thomas Mullanmadayil ( Principal & Secretary)
Fr. Boris D’Santos (Students’ Counsellor, CLC Guide, Chaplain)
Fr. Sebastian Nallayil (Vice-Principal HS)
Fr. Joseph Kulandai (Vice-Principal S)
Fr. Chandan Gupta (Advisor, Night School)

Teachers: SJ 3 ; Lay men 31; Women 53

Students:  HS 359,  Secondary 974   Primary 898

Haldia :  St. Xavier’s School, P.O. Haldia Township 721 607, Dt. Midnapore (E)
(Owned by the companies and managed by the Jesuits since 1971)

Ph. (Res) (03224) 266789 / 262732 / 263708
                                     Sch. Off. (03224) 263251
                                     H.Secondary (03224) 263274

Fr. Thomas T. Kuttikatt (Headmaster & Secretary)
Fr. Joseph S. Enchananirappel (Superior, Vice-Principal HS)

Teachers : SJ 2 ; Lay men 39; Women 79

Studentys : HS 1090 , HSS 417 , Primary 966                          
Calcutta province founded St. Xavier’s college in 1860.

St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous)

30 Mother Teresa Sarani (Park Street), Kolkata 700 m016 

Website :


Fr. Dominic Savio  (Rector & Vice-Principal)
Fr. Felix Raj (Principal & Secretary)
Fr. Maria Joseph Israel
Fr. Gaston Roberge
Fr. Peter Arok
Fr. M.S. Arokiasamy
Fr. Arulappan

Professors: SJ 7, Lay men : 119, Women 82
BA & B Sc. : Boys  977   Girls 1264
BBA             Boys  217   Girls   214
Bio Tech    : Boys    51   Girls   128
B Com       : Boys 2436  Girls   972
B. Ed         : Boys    42   Girls     66
M Sc         : Boys    93   Girls    142
M Com      : Boys    47   Girls     80

Career Oriented Programs:
Boys   243  Girls : 110
Computer Centre:
Boys    48  Girls  :   36
IGNOU        Boys    22  Girls   :  04

St. Xavier’s Campus, Raghabpur
P.O. Nepalganj, Kolkata 700 103

Fr. Joseph Raj  – Campus academic co-ordinator
Fr. Mathew Jayanth – Administrator

Boarding Houses
Calcutta province runs several boarding houses, especially in rural areas, for the less privileged. Students from these boarding houses usually attend schools in the neighbouring villages.
Prayer of an Ignatian Educator
Loving God, our world is indeed charged   with your grandeur for you labour with
and for us in all things to bring about the fullness of your Kingdom where justice,
love and peace will reign in the hearts of all your people.
Teach us, Lord, to be generous,
Teach us to serve you as you deserve,
To lead our students to find joy in learning and to thirst for greater and
deeper knowledge of how they are called to labour with you in the wonder and
mystery of your ongoing work of creation, to witness for our students the personal love and care that you have for each of us so that they might attain the knowledge and freedom to achieve their full potential as young men and women created in your image and likeness,
To teach as Jesus did so that by following his example our students will grow
up to be men and women in service with and for others as well as leading
discerners of your Spirit in the communities in which they live, work and
To form our students into persons of intellectual competence, moral integrity
and religious conviction whose actions are informed by conscience, infused
with compassion and inspired by a commitment to a faith that seeks justice
for all your people, particularly among the poor, the suffering and the
Bless us, Lord, and our mission as Ignatian educators. Guide us with your
Spirit that we may continually grow as a community of companions in the
ministry of teaching, working with and learning from one another to discern
how best to accompany our students on their journeys to becoming men and
women of the magis, asking always what more they can do for your greater
honour and glory. Amen.

‘ Primary 966