Social Justice

A faith that does justice is what can set the world on fire with a love for God and for our universe. And so, with God’s grace through the Eucharist, through its devotions and its multi-directional outreach activity, Jesuits try their best to kindle, ignite and keep this fire lit. Patiently and faithfully discerning when, where and how the Spirit is leading and what is for the greater glory of God, we commit ourselves to work with Christ to realize God’s plan for the world. Sometimes we see success, sometimes we feel we have failed; but we know that it is all God’s work, and that we are only instruments and helpers.
Our Vision:  A Society where the gospel values of justice, love, equality and fraternity will be the driving force of every struggle in social, economic, political and cultural development and where the tribals/adivasis, dalits, women and people of every faith  live in peace and dignity. 
Our Mission: To build human communities that are imbued with the values of the Kingdom, particularly among the tribals/adivasis, dalits, women and every marginalized community , respecting their own culture and tradition, in collaboration with like-minded individuals, groups and communities.
Our Objectives : 
1. To recognize the marginalized as the subject of social change.
2. To be a visible sign of the implementation of decree 4 of GC 32.
3. To be directly involved in solidarity with the marginalized in their struggle for establishing human communities transcending all barriers of caste, creed, gender and culture.
4. To directly involve in empowering the marginalized through organized action, not just for upward mobility, but for a personal and structural transformation.
5. To be willing to be transformed in and through our solidarity.
6. To be a counter-witness against the unbridled globalization that widens the gap between the haves and have-nots.
7. To be willing to work with like-minded people and oriented individuals and groups.
Solidarity with people on the margins and commitment to social change unites all of our ministries.
The following ministries serve various communities within the Calcutta Province:
Udayani Social Action Forum (The Office of Social Ministries for the Calcutta Province) 
     Udayani Social Action Forum (1998)
     75/1 Ballygunge Place
     Calcutta 700 019
     Ph: (033) 2460 6941,     Director : Fr. Irudaya Jothi S.J.,; (M)9932250024                                                                    
From direct service to local communities to helping international immersion groups and individuals, especially students, who come for practical experience , from advocating to help tribals to gain their rightful place in the society specially through education, to pressing for right to food for the poor,  Jesuit primary schools, high schools, college, parishes and communities place service and justice at the core of their institutional identity to more fully develop a faith that does justice.  
At the Province level, Udayani Social Action Forum  accompanies and supports the service and justice work of individuals in Jesuit institutions, providing resources and encouragement to link local issues to priorities of the Jesuit Conference of the South Asian Assistancy. 
We look to create opportunities for individuals leading the social ministry work of our Jesuit institutions to gather together, exchange experiences, and share best practices. 
If you would like more information on Udayani and our social justice mission, log on  to:
or contact:
Udayani Training Centre
Jisu Ashram, Pandua 712 149
Fr. John Kerketta S.J.
Director (KGP Centre)
Mobile : 8902765212 / 9674514206